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GeoPOM by Betteraps  

GeoPOM provides a one stop solution for Mobile work management & Mobile worker safety & communication. Right from the Palm of your hand.

Keep track, Keep in touch & Keep them safe.

Mobile Operations Management and Mobile Worker Safety.

Live locations, Live mapping & Live work completion

Know exactly when and where your work is completed.

Mobile Manifest, Mobile Incident reporting & Mobile Peace of Mind

Get the full picture on your mobile work force.

No other mobile application combines all these amazing features.

Mobile work force management and mobile worker safety has never been easier.  
Man Up - Man Down

Customizable forced check in and Automatic Man Down notifications, auto alerts and reporting.

Flexible Features Platform

Mix and Match, use one or use every feature available in GeoPOM.

Mobile Work Management

Customized online ordering with integrated Mobile Worker Manifest.

Live location & Live reporting

Track movements and times out of the vehicle. Live incident reporting with image capture.

Asset Accountability

Know who is in control. From asset tracking to Vehicle operation.

Improve Driver Safety

Block cell phone usage when the vehicle is in motion. Automatic message reply to the caller. No extra hardware required.


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My Geotab and Geotab Drive Integration.  

Mobilize and organize your day to day operations while keeping your employees safe inside and outside of their vehicle.

Improve your bottom line.!
  • Improve business
  • Improve operations
  • Improve communications
  • Improve safety

Seen enough.?

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All in one mobile application.  

Only pay for the features you need

Customizable and Flexible  
Safe Driver - Driver Accountability
  • MyGeotab Driver Assignment
  • Distracted Driver Prevention
  • Accurate Business vs Personal
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Mix and Match any GeoPOM features
  • Incident Reporting, Mapping
  • Man Down Alerts and Notification
  • Asset tracking and Driver accountability
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Get the complete GeoPOM package
  • Man up - Man Down
  • Incident Reporting, Mobile Manifest
  • Asset Management, Driver Safety
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